Fabrizio Paterlini creates lush cinematic soundscapes on ‘Terra EP’

Creates lush cinematic soundscapes on the brand new ‘Terra (Earth) EP’ released 14th September via Memory Recordings / Believe Artist Services

Announces London and Manchester shows this September

Multifaceted Italian composer / pianist Fabrizio Paterlini is pleased to announce a brand new release with the arrival of his new EP titled ‘Terra (Earth)’ due this September through Memory Recordings / Believe Artist Services. This will be accompanied by two exclusive U.K performances on 15th September in London and 17th September in Manchester.

Fabrizio says: “The show in London will be held at the beautiful Conway Hall. It will be a ‘two parts’ show, the first part is a non–stop medley lasting 40 minutes in which I will be playing mostly my latest releases, backed by great and suggestive visuals. The atmosphere will be intense and emotional where the audience will be totally absorbed by the music.”

In addition, the second part of the show, will be based on Fabrizio’s imposing back catalog showcasing songs like ‘Rue des Trois Frères’ (28M streams on Spotify ) and ‘Soffia la Notte’ (47M) that are a staple part of his live shows.

He goes on to add: “The Show in Manchester will be at The Stoller Hall and will be a special one. When the chance arises, I love to play completely in acoustic. This way, the piano becomes an extension of my fingers and its sound an extension of my voice.”

In Manchester, Fabrizio will be bringing a “one of a kind” set list, which will wisely mix old and new songs, bringing on stage “some songs never being played live before”, giving the audience the chance to listen to them for the first time, followed by some piano music taken from his previous albums, like “Viandanze”, “Now” or “The Art of the Piano”.

‘TERRA’ is the third chapter of the work inspired by the Elements and it reveals a marked cinematic nature.

The opening track ‘Away’ takes the listener to an indefinite place, surrounded by the irregular rhythm of a distant rain and the noise of an old typewriter. The warm and delicate sound of the piano create a nice contrast full of sweet melancholy.

The title track ‘Terra’ sees the composer writing for a full strings chamber orchestra (23 elements) with the add of a full brass section. The song opens with a nostalgic theme played by a string trio immediately followed by an arpeggiated piano lines. The track is a crescendo and it expresses its full potential in the central part, in which orchestra and piano start an intimate (but still powerful) dialogue.

The last song of the EP ‘Memory’ is a piano solo track: the sound of the piano has been carefully produced with the intent of taking the listener immediately to another time.

‘TERRA’ EP is part of a more complex work inspired by the Natural Elements: this works consists in a full album of previously unreleased 12 tracks, divided in 4 EPs, released every 3 months, through 2022. ‘ARIA’ has been released in March, ‘ACQUA’ in June, ‘TERRA’ in September and ‘FUOCO’ in December.


15th Sep Conway Hall London
17th Sep Stoller Hall Manchester