The Canadian singer-songwriter, ohlaur, has always had an affinity for music, which she soon came to regard as the centre of her life. As part of her debut EP, scheduled for a release early next year, ohlaur shares her third single titled ‘Fast Lane’, a happy-go-lucky track exploring personal growth and finding a new perspective.

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In contrast to the first two songs, ‘romanticize’ and ‘honestly’, which explored feelings of imperfection and self-doubt, ‘Fast Lane’ offers a novel view on moving on and letting go of those burdens. Helped by bright, arpeggiated guitars and floating vocal harmonies, the breezy single is the perfect road trip soundtrack, taking you away from the everyday grind and into a new stance of your life.

Speaking of the release, ohlaur shares: “I wrote this song after being tired of holding on to my past, and letting it navigate my life. I realised your past doesn’t determine your future, and you have the power to take your life where you want it to be – don’t look back, always forward. Just drive!”

Known as Laura in her private life, ohlaur as always had a song brewing in her head yearning to be free. After years of singing at open mic nights and only sharing music with those close to her, she decided to take the leap and release her songs to the world, hopeful that her open and honest approach would help others going through the same as her.

With two singles under her belt and one more planned for this year, ohlaur’s bright indie pop explores the emotional ups and downs of navigating your 20s in this ever-changing world, already garnering early support from the likes of  DNü, Exclaim! and The Music Enthusiast.

About ohlaur :

For as long as she can remember, songwriting has always been a big part of ohlaur’s world. Since before she could even pick-up an instrument, she always had a song stirring around her head just waiting to come out. After years of playing open mics and sharing her music with only the people closest to her, ohlaur (aka laura)  finally made the leap to release her songs into the world.  Known for her introspective bright indie pop, ohlaur expresses her emotions through her sound hoping it may help someone else process theirs. Working towards her debut EP, she continues to explore the emotional rollercoaster of navigating your 20s in this ever-changing world in the way she knows best – through music.