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Flara K’s new R&B/pop track “Devotion”

Devotion, a song by Flara K, Mike Clay on Spotify

What started as a meet-cute turned into a rom-com, eventually blossoming in a decade-long romance. After being in separate projects, married couple Flara K (Sam & Collin) merged their musical stylings; Sam’s unmistakable vocal tones and Collin’s commanding bass create a smooth and electric fusion. Flara K makes music that speaks to the moments people feel everyday and tell stories of a growing need for deeper connection.

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The inspiration for “Devotion,” Flara K’s new single, adds a modern twist to classic 90’s R&B/pop. Produced by Lucas Liberatore, “Devotion” is a love song that speaks to the duo’s personal love and also to the feeling of infatuation at first sight.