Fleur Rouge releases pop burner ‘Cold Feet’

Fleur Rouge has unveiled her scintillating pop burner, Cold Feet. The track is the first release of five singles as Fleur build towards the release of her debut EP, What Makes You Think I Care?.

Cold Feet further emphasises why Fleur is one to watch. The song illustrates Fleur’s ability to write candid, personal lyrics incorporated into hyper-stylised electronic pop, as abrasive as it is catchy. Cold Feet is a song about the unapologetic, emotional unavailability that comes from an age where everyone craves validation from vapid likes and empty love. 

A London-born French-raised artist now based in Manchester, Fleur combines a cocktail of soundscapes, straddling the line between dark, alternative beats and hard, digital future synths.

The future-pop star creates unapologetic femme-fatale anthems fit for any arena around the world. Taking inspiration from the brooding, yearning of BANKS’ sound, Fleur melds this with the quirky energy of GIRLI. Bilingual, Fleur effortlessly incorporates French slang into her tracks, enhancing the quintessentially London nonchalance she has taken from artists such as Lilly Allen.

Forthcoming debut EP What Makes You Think I Care? delves into the dark undertones of our superficial age, with themes of self-indulgence, objectifying gazes, emotional unavailability, sycophants and fake friends. With support coming from the likes of Clash MagazineBBC IntroducingAmazing Radio and Spotify, Fleur is eager to showcase her futuristic electronic pop sound on an even bigger stage.