Folamour presents the name of his upcoming album with the release of the like-named single ‘The Journey’

The brand-new track and its video clip are out now, with his new album coming in June

Discover ‘The Journey’, the eponymous song of the album with Zeke Manyika. It is one of those fortunate coincidences met along the way of Folamour. A story of departure, travel, and fears written in Shona, one of the 16 official languages of Zimbabwe, where Zeke is from. The track is one of the most important bricks of the album.

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“A happy coincidence made me discover Zeke’s voice in a song while I was waiting for the perfect timbre and a few messages later we met in a London pub and I knew he would be the voice of this story. ‘The Journey’, the eponymous song, is directly resulting from the will to concentrate a lived experience, a piece of life in a text, in a moment of music inviting you to plunge into this story.”


The video clip represents a fight between the organic and the mechanical. The skin facing the metal, the dance facing the wheel. The sand, the dance, and the sequence shot are a special reminder of the course of a journey. The equation of time, its instability, and its indomitable nature is expressed through dance and visually translated by the sand cascade. Is it a beginning or an end? Does the dancer disappear? Where does she go? The film can be seen as a Möbius strip.

The cover of Folamour’s third studio album ‘The Journey’ is a painting from Tomás Sánchez called ‘Meditador en la laguna’ painted in 1995 which was edited by Koria.

‘The Journey’ is the autobiographical story of the past two years, which Folamour spent between airports and stages, London, France, and the rest of the world, between crowds and solitudes, between highs and lows. This upcoming album planned to release in June was composed in metropolises and no man’s land, inspired by key moments that marked Folamour and changed him. To express all these emotions, he deeply changed his way of composing, a shift that he had already started with his second album ‘Ordinary Drugs’, putting aside samples and computers and concentrating on writing texts, recording strings and brass, drums, voice too, in order to be as close as possible to the moment he wanted to represent. No limits on format or genre, the freedom to choose the right tool for the picture.

The album is thus an initiatory rite, in form as well as in substance, the tale of a life with all that it can contain of joys and trials, both in its writing and production and in its message. ‘The Journey’ mixes contemporary sadness, isolation of the artists, but also wonders at the simple pleasures of life and the discoveries it brings with it, it is neither a joyful tale nor a sad and disillusioned tale, it is the sum of all this and the rest too.


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