Folk-pop artist Lenny debuts EP, “Personal Celebrity” + focus track ‘Willow’

Lenny is a folk-pop singer-songwriter from British Columbia, currently based in Montreal. Her vocal and lyric-driven melodies tell visual, emotional stories which explore the complexities of relationships, learning from her mistakes, and embracing her bisexual identity in her mid/late 20’s. 

Hear the focus track ‘Willow’ here:

Listen to the full EP on Soundcloud or Spotify

Her debut EP, Personal Celebrity, is a mix of indie rock/pop, and stripped down ballads, out August 4th. It describes the arc of connecting with your inner power and intuition.

Lenny’s music is thoughtful, honest, and romantic. Don’t let her softness fool you – she sings about hard truths and lessons learned. She’ll make you laugh and cry in the same show, and her songs might bring up some real feelings for you. Pay attention to her lyrics, and Lenny’s music might heal you like it heals her.