Folk pop singer Victoria Staff loves the fun of messy relationships on “Here We Go Again” from the Records & Honesty EP

Victoria Staff writes music for the same reasons she runs and bakes and hangs out with friends and family – it makes her feel better. Like many people, she struggles with her mental health. Writing music has always supported that because it gave her a way to process complex emotions at a really young age. 

Some relationships are just inherently toxic and messy, but that’s the fun of them. There’s no logical reason for those two people to be together but you find yourself caught in a merry-go-round of stupid, repeating your same mistakes until you’re not even sure how you got there. That is what Victoria’s song “Here We Go Again” is all about.  

Listen to “Here We Go Again” from the Records & Honesty EP :

The five songs on the Records & Honesty EP were produced by Dan Hosh. It’s right there in the title – Victoria invites listeners to get to know her and hear about her honest life experiences over the past few years.