Following on from a string of head-turning releases this year, more recently with ‘In The World or Of The World?’ alongside Janel Antoneshia and Forest DLG, the Midlands born artist TrueMendous has gifted supporters with her highly anticipated album, ‘Great. On Purpose’ via High Focus Records.


Spread across 16 tracks that boast TrueMendous’ flexibility through a variety of genre-bending and cutting songs, the London-based wordsmith is still able to sustain a nostalgic essence through a modern-day lens. Reputable for putting quality over quantity, ‘Great. On Purpose’ touches on a selection of topics surrounding societal issues, personal growth, family, the hardships of life, and more. Leaving no corner unturned, she challenges mainstream clutter and shares a body of work that’s not only a true representation of her artistry, but as something that will remain timeless for years to come.

Opening the project with ‘Womp’ a spacious listen that’s clouded with eerie synths and a seductive undertone, we transition into ‘Really Wanna Love’. Taking an up-beat turn, TrueMendous delivers an alternating flow that sits seamlessly on top of the head-bopping production. Clocking in at just under two minutes long, she explores her personal traits that root back to her family ties; a note of personal reflection and growth whilst admitting wanting to fall in love with somebody. Adventuring into the pre-released collaboration with UK icon Skinnyman, ‘Yourself Or The World?’ that delves into the unfortunate realities of life, betrayal, undervalue, toxic family dynamics and general lack of acceptance from the perspective of a misunderstood child being the ‘golden child’ to one parent and a ‘problem child’ to the other. Later joined alongside Skinnyman, he flips the track on its head and closes it out on a more uplifting note with the aim to inspire the younger generation. Manoeuvring into the industrial sounds of ‘In The World or Of The World?’ alongside Janel Antoneshia and Forest DLG, the outer-worldly feel of ‘Curve’ featuring Vaddy is underpinned with an irresistible hypnotic feel that will leave you wanting more. Stumbling into ‘Stooshe Then, Stooshe Now’ that’s accompanied alongside an animated visual that’s bursting with diversity from the offset. Empowering women from all backgrounds to do what they want, TrueMendous slams the derogatory terms into the ground with her unapologetic tone and bars.


Tracks like ‘Chatty Patty’ and ‘Talkk’ with Mysdiggi hold a fiery and self-assured undercurrent leaving no room for excuses, “I don’t wanna talk today / Or tomorrow, or next week, or next year, ok” TrueMendous spits without hesitation. Pushing the boundaries sonically in ‘Neither’ we are welcomed with the sound of the police before navigating a genre-bending beat that enables TrueMendous to do what she does best, spit nothing but straight greaze! Slowing it down in ‘Flip A Coin’, ‘Dark Shades’, and ‘Beyonce / Tortoise & The Hare’ alongside Princess, each track houses an acoustic feel that lets the skilled lyricism sit centre stage. As we begin to close out the album, the sass of ‘Old Ting, New Ting’ as TrueMendous brags her new love interest in front of her old, ‘Still Don’t Wanna’ and ‘I Feel Good’ close on a positive note, “It’s been a minute, but I got myself together I feel good” she sings. Channelling her all into this quality project, TrueMendous continues to solidify herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Gaining previous support from Notion, Equate, The Line of Best Fit, Wordplay Magazine, Reprezent Radio, New Wave Magazine, BBC 1Xtra, KISS FM, Charlie Sloth, GRM Daily, BBC Radio, andmore, alongside gaining acknowledgement from pioneers in the game including Wretch 32, TrueMendous is undoubtedly an artist to watch for 2023.

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