Former Mormon gay artist Leetham spills the tea on summery subversive pop single “Drama”

Leetham is an artist inspired by his upbringing in the Mormon Church community in Salt Lake City, and the turmoil of being his true self.  Driven and brave Leetham shines as a new voice in pop. 

His latest single “Drama” comes off the buzz of his last track “Patience”.   “Drama” is a earworm playful building single with a subversive passionate meaning.  Written in retaliation of the hypocrisy of church culture and folks who want to save you while damning you behind your back. 

“Drama is about culture. Everyone says they hate gossip/drama, yet everyone is involved in it. This song was specifically written about church culture and how drama and gossip can spread like wildfire among a congregation.”-Leetham


Leetham is an independent LGBTQ+ artist based out of Salt Lake City. Leetham’s interest in music sprouted from a young age after watching their dad’s friend play the piano in a mall. Soon after the encounter Leetham began to take piano lessons, participate in their church’s choir, and performed in local musical productions.At the age of 14, Leetham began to write and record their own music. By the time they were 16, Leetham fronted their own pop punk band. After being in and out of many bands, Leetham finally pursued their own solo career at the start of 2021. Ready to take on the world, Leetham brings a stadium sized performance to every show they play.

On Being a Gay Man in the Mormon Community

Growing up Mormon was a blessing and a curse. The Church provided community and friends. It provided me with opportunities in music. It also ensured despair for people like me. Queer people.

I always knew I was different. For the longest time I couldn’t really tell what was so different about me. Being gay wasn’t really a topic brought up within the church. So I didn’t even know what gay meant.

I remember a speaker coming in to chat with the “young men” (boys, we were 14). He said if you have any “sexually devilish” thoughts about other boys we need to turn to God for forgiveness. That really stuck with me. I did everything in my power to change. When I realized I couldn’t change, I thought about killing myself.

After a while I came to the conclusion that if I can’t change, I’ll just accept and embrace this part of me.

After I came out to my family and friends, I decided to step away from the church. For a long time, I was bitter with the church and everyone in it. Overtime I found that Mormons really are not bad people. There are bigots in every church. The Mormon Church hasn’t provided a space for queer people. I don’t think it ever will.

My music is a reflection of my experiences of being gay and ex Mormon.

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