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Fougére shares Hot Chip Joe Goddard’s remix of ‘Movement’

Shares captivating Joe Goddard remix of ‘Movement’ out now via Studio Fougére

Joe Goddard’s (Hot Chip) captivating deep-house influenced remix is a perfect coda to Fougére’s haunting piano driven debut release ‘Movement’ out now through Studio Fougére.

Fougére (Jamie Norton) says: “I love the emotion that comes through all of Joe Goddard’s music., He seems to bring an organic and human touch to his songs. He was therefore the perfect choice when looking for remixers for these Fougère piano tracks.”

‘Movement’ is an immersive, introspective thought piece inspired by architecture and design, where Norton utilises a single piano to create a breathtaking composition that articulates a sense of calm and balance. The track is accompanied by a stunningly shot live performance video recorded at seminal London venue Printworks with award winning production company Pavillion (Dermot Kennedy, Sigrid), bringing to mind fellow luminaries like Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and Max Richter.

Watch here

From the Pacific Coast Highway to the alluring landscapes of California’s Mojave desert, Jamie and acclaimed creative director and photographer Neil Krug (Lana Del Rey, Tame Impala) teamed up to create a series of artwork that represents Fougére’s current impressionistic body of work. The pair decided that each piece of music should evoke a specific scene with subject matter that best reflects the atmosphere of Jamie’s sound. Night time flora, harsh lines of desert plants, sun bleached oceans and lost desert roads work in parallel with Fougére’s musical compositions. 

Norton explains: “This is a process that I have practised for a long time. A feeling takes me to the piano, usually when it’s calm and quiet, maybe late at night or after everyone else has left the room. Maybe as a reaction to what has gone before, a way for me to reset. I approach my music as if they existed as a series of paintings, each capturing a very specific feeling or moment. Trying to present these pieces in their simplest, purest form, in the hope that even if imperfect they will allow other people to connect with them too”.

No stranger to the scene; Jamie Norton is a writer with, and musical director for, Brit and Ivor Novello award winning and stadium selling artists.