Fusing soulful funk and Bossa Nova, SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE New Single “Full Circle”

Fourteen years after their last release, Supreme Beings of Leisure (SBL)—consisting of original members Geri Soriano, Ramin Sakurai and Rick Torres—have returned to drop their new single “Full Circle” today, July 22.


“‘Full Circle’ is a fun song about comeuppance,” says singer/songwriter Geri Soriano, the bands lyricist. “The sassy hook just came to me almost like the flip side to ‘Golddigger’ from our debut.”  

To help her flesh out the verses, Geri enlisted the help of her dear friend Frank Navin of the Aluminum Group. The upbeat track perfectly captures SBL’s signature retro-future West Coast Chill vibe, a sound they helped create in the heyday of trip-hop and mid-tempo electronica at the turn of the century. Fusing soulful funk and Bossa Nova, “Full Circle” is a throwback track that softens the heaviness of our cultural moment.”

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, SBL forged the electronic/trip hop sound for the West Coast. Previous albums include Supreme Beings of Leisure (2000), Divine Operating System (2003) and 11i (2008). The Supreme Beings of Leisure “…look back to a time when dance music was not entirely mechanized and melodies had not been reduced to hooks and samples” touted the New York Times.

Look for “Full Circle” to appear on Supreme Beings of Leisure’s fourth studio album 22 due out early 2023.

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