Following the exciting beginning of his epic saga, “Out Of The Rain” featuring Shiah Maisel, gaming music legend TheFatRat, popularly known for his immense online following of over ten million fans, has released the next chapter of his epic saga, “Hunger.” The riveting new release delivers an epic narrative, a trap twist and a charitable cause attached, supporting the Purple Community Fund in the Philippines. “Hunger” is now available on all DSPs and streaming services, found HERE, and is free to use on Social Media like YouTube and Twitch, true to TheFatRat’s tradition of making his songs available for creators without the hassle of demonetization.


“I grew up listening almost exclusively to classical music until I was 10 years old. Works from Mozart and Beethoven are much more complex than today’s music, which I always found inspiring. And with “Hunger” I wanted to bring some of that complexity into a modern electronic song.”TheFatRat

“Hunger” continues the story of two siblings living under dire circumstances in the slums of a futuristic city which began in TheFatRat’s last single, “Out Of The Rain.” The younger brother has the ability to dream, plan and create while the older sister is the protector with the ability to fight, kill, and destroy despite only wanting peace. You can view the trailer for the first single HERE. “While the first Chapter “Out Of The Rain” established the story’s setting, “Hunger” shows the main characters and their relationship,” explains TheFatRat. As time passed, they aged and continued to reside in the squalid shanties atop the garbage-strewn hills. The older sister fights valiantly to protect her brother and his robotic insects he creates out of trash, even if it means killing against her wishes. With his third release of the year, the go-to-artist for Esports brands like ESL and Dreamhack has expanded on “Out of the Rain” with a touching story of family protection in “Hunger,” giving us the strength to conquer life challenges. The narrative track goes beyond electronic music to create a real-world impact, and is a song that not only feeds the soul but also the poverty stricken families and communities in Manila through its collaboration with Purple Community Fund.

“We all know that the disparity between rich and poor is a huge problem,” says TheFatRat. “While we certainly need solutions on a political level, each and every one of us needs to help to solve that problem right now. Donating all revenue from “Hunger” to the Purple Community Fund is a start for me to better the lives of the poorest people in the world and to help as many children as possible to get education and improve their families’ lives.”

TheFatRat envisioned the artwork for this song with the main characters living in trash mountains and while looking for inspirational images he found the Manila trash mountains, where children and their families live in the fuming, malodorous and often poisonous trash. They live from picking and selling trash, eating the thrown away leftovers from fast food restaurants. “This really hit me hard,” TheFatRat said. “After seeing sad and helpless children and even babies crawling in the trash, I knew I wanted to help.”

TheFatRat paired up with the Purple Community Fund to help children in Manila to get education. Therefore, TheFatRat will be donating 100% of the revenue of “Hunger” to the PCF. He would be really happy to have his fans donate as well to make an even bigger impact. Each 50 Euro a month supports one child to go to school and the long term goal is to help every child in the landfills. You can make a contribution at this link:

Known for his production and leadership in the gaming music community, with his music being used in popular video games like the top-grossing Dota 2, Rocket League, Rolling Sky and Game For Peace, you can instantly hear the subtle influences of his tried and true sounds on the track. This production starts with a gentle symphoric sound of violins giving a nostalgic feel. A flute is added sounding like it comes from a fairy tale. The nice vocal matches the lyrics of the sister telling her brother not to worry and that she will do everything to protect him. As the song escalates, it gives a sense of hope and determination to achieve her goals. The driving bass drops with emphatic horns give a dramatic effect of how the girl is willing to fight to the end of the world for her brother. The song ends with her whispering to her brother to reassure their safety and the final drop to build anticipation and tease their upcoming journey. The lyrics for “Hunger” can be found HERE.

Following his first track of 2023, “Monkeys,” TheFatRat started his epic saga with “Out Of The Rain,” marking the extraordinary collaboration with the alternative electronic singer-songwriter Shiah Maisel. He capped 2022 with his December release of “Back One Day” with NEFFEX, the vocal version of his globally trending instrumental “Xenogenesis,” which had accumulated hundreds of millions of TikTok views and participation from celebrities such as Nick Kroll on The Tonight Show, Lil Nas X, and massively popular YouTuber Collins Key. Prior to that, TheFatRat released “Ghost Light,” the seductive and saxophone-heavy trap-leaning collaboration with award-winning K-Pop band EVERGLOW.

TheFatRat’s highly-anticipated lore-filled debut ten-track album PARALLAX was released in September 2021. As is still a tradition, each song from the album was premiered on YouTube followed by an interactive Discord chat hosted by TheFatRat with collaborators and thousands of his fans. The album, artwork, and lyrics from PARALLAX tell their own cohesive story filled with imaginative characters and fantasy settings that have been referenced in his past projects, with each single sharing new chapters of the story. This lore is a huge interest for his rabid fans, who speculated wildly on online forums about the meaning of each release and guessing what was coming next.