Following the release of “Back one Day” featuring NEFFEX, the vocal version of his globally trending instrumental “Xenogenesis,” Gaming Music legend TheFatRat has released his new obsessive song “Monkeys.” After eight years since its inception, the producer and leader in the Gaming Music world, popularly known for his immense online following of over ten million fans, has added his own vocals for the very first time and is ready to release “Monkeys” into the public – it’s now available on all DSPs and streaming services.

Listen in here:

With the demo created in 2014 and shelved by TheFatRat for some time, it took 8 years of encouragement and urging from his dearest wife to contrast the melody with his own deep vocals for “Monkeys” to come to fruition. After the family moved to Cyprus last year, the eight-year wait came to an end at the perfect time when TheFatRat came up with the right ideas to allow for the glorious rebirth of the Gaming Music legend’s new masterpiece.

“Did you ever have the feeling that every person on Earth is stupid, only to realize that you’re just another person and therefore just as stupid as everybody else? That’s what the song is about,” TheFatRat explains. “There is this pure, innocent, and rational piece of consciousness in every one of us. Unfortunately, it’s not in charge of our actions. Instead, it has to watch how our monkey brains knowingly mess up our own lives.”

Written, produced, and sang by TheFatRat, “Monkeys” starts off and grows in tempo and energy with a thumping bass beat and a curious story opening – “You’re alone in the jungle now, full of stupid monkeys.” As Christian gets into the chorus, the song slows and deepens to a lower voice as the climax reveals “You know you’re just another monkey,” depicting the irony of human life appearing to be as trivial of a game as that of a monkey’s. “Sometimes life appears to be such a strange and stupid game, but we have no choice but to play it,” TheFatRat explains. The chorus repeats and the beat builds with added vocal overlays, making it a highly danceable song.

“Monkeys” follows his December release of “Back one Day” featuring NEFFEX, the vocal version of his globally trending instrumental “Xenogenesis,” which had accumulated over 250 million TikTok views and participation from celebrities such as Nick Kroll on The Tonight Show, Lil Nas X, and massively popular YouTuber Collins Key. Prior to that, TheFatRat released the seductive and saxophone-heavy trap-leaning collaboration with award-winning K-Pop band EVERGLOW, “Ghost Light,” in November.

TheFatRat’s highly-anticipated lore-filled debut ten-track album PARALLAX was released in September 2021. One song from the album was released each week followed by interactive Discord chats hosted by TheFatRat with collaborators and thousands of his fans. The album, artwork, and lyrics from PARALLAX tell their own cohesive story filled with imaginative characters and fantasy settings that have been referenced in his past projects, with each single sharing new chapters of the story. This lore is a huge interest for his rabid fans, who speculated wildly on online forums about the meaning of each release and guessing what was coming next.

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