GANGGA continues his introspective video series with ‘Forever’

Hotly tipped Indonesian indie-pop singer-songwriter GANGGA is pleased to announce details of a brand new visual clip ‘FOREVER’, the second in a series of four video clips lifted from the acclaimed new album ‘It’s Never Easy’.

Following on from ‘This Love Will Never End’, ‘Forever’ is a poignant, confessional thought piece, exploring personal themes of love, separation and closure over subtle, laidback melodies and GANGGA’s hazy, emotive vocal delivery. He explains: “As you can see in the beginning of the music video, when the boy faces “hardship” that is reflected by crawling on the ground, the girl acts like she “helps” him by giving him a drink, but turns out to be blood. Related to the previous music video (This Love Will Never End), this music video showcases how their relationship is so toxic yet none of them are willing to let go.”

GANGGA goes on to add: “These music videos are all about confessing, acceptance and closure. I want to show how hard it is to love someone and to be loved by someone, how difficult it is to be in a relationship with pain, and the feeling of struggling alone.  In these series of music videos you can see the ups and downs of a relationship. I want people to feel like they can relate to these music videos while listening to the meaning of each songs.”

GANGGA is the stage name of Gangga Kusuma, an Indonesian singer/songwriter. Born in Surabaya, he taught himself to play guitar, and likes to listen to various kind of music such as pop, jazz, soul, and RnB. He got his musical influence from his mother, and started composing music at the age of 17. In late 2019, he released his first single called “Don’t”, his second single called “Blue Jeans” in June 2020 and his latest single “Waiting For You” in July 2021.

In the beginning of 2021, GANGGA’s single, “Blue Jeans” grew organically and became #1 Global Viral chart on Spotify, with the all-time streams reaching 48,543,788 streams. “Blue Jeans” also went viral on TikTok, with total videos made using “Blue Jeans” reaching 32,500 videos. This moment made his name skyrocket and attracted many new audiences.  After releasing singles, GANGGA has just releases his debut album, ” It’s Never Easy” on August 27, 2021.