GARAGLO unveils shimmering indie-pop single ‘Out of Sync’

Out of Sync is a bittersweet song when everything around you seems disconnected and feels like you’re missing a beat. It’s a journey of ascension regaining perspective to a better path to get that beat back once again. 

Out of Sync is the debut single from London-based Spanish-Canadian GARGALO. The shimmering soundscapes capture GARGALO’s take on indie-pop where ethereal, emotive vocals are accented by distant harmonies, mesmerising synths and reflective lyricism. 

The track is taken from forthcoming debut EP King of Dark Waters due for release on 26th November 2021.

GARGALO is a project close to the heart for singer songwriter, Bruno G. Roth. The Spanish-Canadian artist had cut his teeth playing in an array of bands over the years, exposing himself to touring life and the festival circuit. Emboldened, Bruno made the decision to move to London in order to further his music career; one that has more than paid off.

A six month hiatus travelling South America was punctuated by the global pandemic, forcing him to move back to his native Spain. With strict lockdown restrictions in place, Bruno was unable to leave his house for months. Nevertheless, the changes in his life, imposed by outside forces, were cause to use writing and creating as an escape mechanism, resulting in the birth of GARGALO.

Setting up a recoding studio in the back of his brother’s van, Bruno set about working on song structures and writing demos, before entering the studio. The result was the creation of debut EP, King of Dark Waters. Taking inspiration from a range of bands of various genres, from the indie-rock soundscapes of Grizzly Bear to the hypnotic atmospherics of Beach House, GARGALO has produced an intimate, personal collection of songs.

With Out of Sync kickstarting Bruno’s solo career, forthcoming single Monroes illustrates his versatility as an artist, as he steps into a brooding, ambitious indie-rock sphere, cocooned by dramatic, bittersweet complexities and stadium ready bombast.

Out of Sync is out now and is taken from debut EP King of Dark Waters, due for release on 26th November 2021 via Frances House Records.