GARRETT PAKNIS excites on sensual ‘Move Ur Body’

East London’s Queer Pop artist GARRETT PAKNIS is pleased to announce a brand new visual clip for his latest single ‘Move Ur Body’, lifted from his brand new 4-track EP out now. 

Channeling a heady dose of 90s club culture, ‘Move Ur Body’ is a sensual and soulful dance-floor anthem featuring the diva female voice of Charlene Lite that encourages you to forget your worries and be fully alive in the moment.

PAKNIS says a lot of his own inner healing has come through his daily yoga practice and years of dance training;  “Trauma gets stored in the body… and without breath work, and movement, our anxiety and stress can escalate.  I wanted to make a track that encouraged us all to let loose and have fun.  Shake off the stress, you know?! With everything going on in the world, all we have is the power of choice and how we spend our time – it can either elevate us, or drain us and bring us down.  So why not put on a new tune and have a dance party? Let’s lift our spirits and feel sexy together.”

GARRETT PAKNIS is an interdisciplinary artist blending poetic storytelling and modern dance music.  The trained ballet, hip-hip and vogue dancer never disappoints with his avant-garde, fashion fuelled visuals and an exploration between the sensual and spiritual worlds.  Hailing from New York City, and currently living in London after two years in Berlin and a decade of traveling the world… one gets lost in the adventure of life within PAKNIS’ heartfelt, soulful and sometimes trippy take on house music.

Move Ur Body / 13th May