Gathering of Bones Unleashes a Sonic Storm with Album & Lead Single ‘One Reality’

Other tracks include: With enriching tracks such as ‘Diverge’, ‘Jigsaw’, ‘Irreversible’, ‘Justified’, and the titular track, ‘One Reality’.


Today, the heavy groove and thrash metal sensation known as Gathering of Bones, led by founder Christopher Vitale, is ready to unleash their latest sonic assault upon the world. Their brand-new single, ‘One Reality,’ is set to re-ignite the groove metal genre with its high-energy, no-holds-barred sound.

“Groove/thrash metal music built on legacy influences and with a timeless sound”

– Gathering of Bones about Album ‘One Reality’

Founded in 2017, Gathering of Bones is not your typical metal band. They bring fresh dimensions to a classic sound, characterized by technical yet catchy guitar riffs, blood-rushing drums, and thunderous basslines. In ‘One Reality,’ these elements come together to create a fast-paced, heavy groove metal experience that will leave listeners craving more. Beyond his musical endeavors, Christopher Vitale values truth, morals, and human rights – reflected in the thought-provoking themes present in ‘One Reality.’

The single’s title carries a profound message; As Christopher Vitale explains, “It essentially means that objective reality is true, whether anyone chooses to believe it or not. And when we live according to objective reality, we find greater purpose in life.”

With influences ranging from Metallica to Gojira, Gathering of Bones has crafted a sound that appeals to fans of System of a Down, Pantera, and Prong. Their commitment to staying true to their unique style while pushing boundaries is evident in every note of ‘One Reality.’

To accompany the release, Gathering of Bones has also prepared a captivating music video that enhances the overall experience. Fans can expect an exhilarating visual journey that matches the intensity of the music.

Gathering of Bones is more than just a band; they are on a mission to inspire independent musicians to create and share their music with the world. They aspire to lead people to greater self-discovery and connection through their powerful music.

As Christopher Vitale’s father once said, “Adversity can break men, or make men break records.” Gathering of Bones is ready to break boundaries with ‘One Reality.’


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