Gentleman’s Dub Club Drop New Single “Night Shift”


After finding themselves Lost In Space in early 2019, Gentleman’s Dub Club are continuing their voyage through some of the freshest sunshine sounds, and now is the time to unveil a new chapter. November 2020’s single release of “Castle In The Sky” started paving the way for things to come, and as of January 29th, they brought us back “Down To Earth” with a brand new album announcement and new single “Honey,” which features the incredible Hollie Cook. The third single “Night Shift” landed on the February 19th and features Bristol’s Gardna on the mic. Pre-order the album at

Castle In The Sky
Down To Earth
Honey (feat. Hollie Cook)
Sunshine Revolution
Moonlight Dreams
Night Shift (feat. Gardna)
More Than Memories
Sugar Rush
Last Chance

Exploring the diverse and expressive world of reggae over the last few years with their “Pound For Pound” collaboration with The Nextmen, plus their cover of Bill Withers’ “Use Me” featuring Kiko Bun and their mission through time, space and bass in album #7, the Gents are now combining organic reggae roots with their own fresh approach to song-writing and new heights of production. Continuing their strong partnership with the mighty Easy Star Records and having a helping hand from Gardna and Hollie Cook is only ever going to have one outcome, and they would like to invite every single one of you to join them.

With a smooth-as-you-like bass groove, effortlessly flowing breakbeat rhythms, synth stabs and the inimitable partnering of Johnny Scratchley’s and Hollie Cook’s vocal harmonies, “Honey” hits the sweet spot from the get-go and it’s no surprise that Steve Lamacq has played it multiple times, not to mention several spins from David Rodigan and a playlisting at FIP (French National Radio). Impossible not to bob your head to and oozing with the unmistakable GDC feel, this is the way to kickstart 2021. Joining forces with Bristol’s MC extraordinaire Gardna, the third single “Night Shift” is a pedal-to-the-metal, no nonsense track that has a dirty rolling bass groove and overflows with energy throughout. Lead singer Johnny said:“Night shift’ is about how hard we have to work as people (regardless of what field you’re in) to actually progress in life. We’ve partnered up with one of the hardest working musicians in the game – GARDNA – to attest to this. We love what we do, and we can’t wait to get back to playing those shows again.”

On the full album, the Gents added:“The writing of ‘Down To Earth’ coincided with a time not only of international existential crisis, but also of our own personal realization that the future for live music – the main platform and ultimately life force of GDC – was up in the air.  We decided that ‘Down To Earth’ should be a snapshot of that point in time, where everyone was able (for better or worse) to reflect on their role in the world around them and consider the past, present and future inside the vacuum of lockdown. While it’s a deeply personal album, the themes and sentiments on the album are universal, and point towards a future that values love and understanding over conflict and hate.”

 The January 29th saw the announcement of the full album release, 10 tracks of inexplicably smooth dub, reggae, ska, jazz and electronica. Down To Earth is a seriously impressive journey through different eras of the genres that they hold dear. No stone is left unturned as the origins of dub are revisited, reinvented and reinstated in this production masterclass.

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