+GLDN- Unveils New Single ‘Electric’

The latest offering by +GLDN-, ‘Electric’ is a hip-hop, pop song filled with lots of energy that will make the listener want to dance, and has just recently been released worldwide this Friday, October 28th. 

The upbeat and innovative track has a guitar and drum instrumentation alongside his intriguing vocals. 

He found the beat for ‘Electric’ on YouTube, and the melody then naturally came to him. +GLDN- says the moment he heard the beat drop for the hook, all he could think was “oooohhhh I cannot lie.” and the rest was history. 

‘Electric’ is undeniably one of his favourite tracks he has ever created. From his creative flows and catchy melodies in this song and other songs as well, the joy and simplicity he had in the creative process made it that much more gratifying.

+GLDN- comments on the track “This song is about that one person that you love more than anything. The one that drives you absolutely crazy, and that you would do anything for.” 


+GLDN- (pronounced ‘Golden’) is an up-and-coming artist from Maryland, United States. His name is an acronym that stands for growing, learning, and dodging negativity. A way of life he believes everyone should embody and emulate. 

He has been influenced by all different types of genres in his life from hip-hop, pop, reggaeton, rock, country, and even some jazz. He has always been known for being experimental and diverse with his creativity so he naturally enjoys switching things up with each release. +GLDN is definitely an artist you want to keep an eye on in the near future.