GONE GONE BEYOND Release New Single “Another Earth”

Los Angeles, CA – June 3, 2021 – International four-part musical hybrid group Gone Gone Beyond has released their new single “Another Earth,” the latest offering from their forthcoming album 2030out Friday, June 25thPRESS HERE to listen. Gone Gone Beyond also released a live performance video of the haunting love song, filmed at the iconic Hotel El Ganzo in Baja, CA. PRESS HERE to watch the “Another Earth” video, which first premiered with Glide Magazine.

New Single “Another EarthPRESS HERE To ListenPRESS HERE To Watch

New Studio Album 2030 Out June 25th PRESS HERE To Pre-Order

2030, the group’s sophomore full-length album, is a collection of existential love songs, exploring our connection to one another and the planet. The title of the album refers to a year, in the not-so-distant future, which many believe is a tipping point for humanity. The final lyrics on the album state, “I hope I see you in the year 2030,” which speaks to a motivation the band shares to propagate seeds for a brighter future. 2030 is available to pre-order now on all DSPs – PRESS HERE. Each digital pre-save includes an instant download of “Another Earth” and recent single “Canyons,” along with two previously released tracks.

“‘Another Earth’ represents so many things to me,” shares group member David Block. “It’s a song about choice. What kind of world do we want to live in? How do we want to treat each other? A song can mean so many different things for each individual. The most important thing for me with ‘Another Earth’ is how it makes me FEEL. It’s brought me to tears several times. Every time I hear it, my heart swells a bit. In that way, I don’t know if it really matters what it’s ‘about.’ It gives me the feels, and I like that a lot.”

Danny Musengo adds, “This song is about recognizing that you’re the author of your own story. Good or bad. In or out of love. They say that there’s another earth…but that’s just what they say.”

“Recording ‘Another Earth’ live, for the first time ever, after being apart for so long, was truly a special experience,” reveals Kat Factor. “This song has that magic about it…to bring exactly what you need to feel more connected to the moment.”

Each player of this musical family – comprised of multi-instrumentalists/singer-songwriters David Block (Los Angeles/NYC), Danny Musengo (Iowa/NYC), Kat Factor (Santa Cruz) and Mel Semé (Cuba/Barcelona) – brings a unique and diverse perspective on sound, culture, and life. The synergy is magical. With their album 2030, Gone Gone Beyond delivers an urgent message of hope and change for our planet set against their inimitable brand of music, described by Consequence of Sound as “mesmerizing future folk,” that honors the traditions of folk-Americana songwriting while bringing together a myriad of influences from electronica, jazz, soul, and world music. Gone Gone Beyond has created a meaningful, inspirational, and long-lasting collection of art with the 12-track album, a true representation of their collaborative spirit and outlook on our ever-changing world.

2030 opens with Canyons, an acoustic homage to those who came before them in search of a mystical West, described by Danny as “a voodoo lullaby with all the whimsy of Alan Watts and all the heart of Neil Young.” PRESS HERE to watch a performance video of “Canyons” from the Hotel El Ganzo, where the band was joined by Sean Rodman of Moontricks. Also featured on the upcoming album are “Coast,” a banjo and 808-laced harmonic track, and the galactic love song “Little Moon,” which have collectively amassed over 2 million streams since their releases last year. PRESS HERE to watch a live, acoustic performance video of “Coast.” Full track listing for 2030 below. 

Gone Gone Beyond first formed when David, through his collaborations with his project The Human Experience, introduced solo artists Mel, Kat and Danny to one another. Since the release of their EP, 49 Bogart, and the debut of their first full-length album Things Are Changing in 2019, Gone Gone Beyond has performed at a range of high-profile events including Coachella, Lightning In A Bottle, SXSW, Red Rocks, and the UN General Assembly, while accumulating millions of streams with their unique sonic landscape. As a microcosm of the world and all its exquisite diversity, Gone Gone Beyond hopes to inspire every generation in all corners of the globe with songs that everyone can sing along to. 


1. Canyons 2. Little Moon3. Rain Down4. Coast5. Riptide6. Lost In America7. She Just Can’t Help But Shine8. Everything 9. Gravity10. Another Earth11. A Better Way To Love12. Marigold

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