Goose Bolton Delivers Enticing New Video for “Lunatic” directed by Tiger Ji (“Wuhan Driver”)

Not much is known about Goose Bolton. The prevailing theory is that he crash-landed on Earth in early AD 2021 after an intergalactic heist went awry. Nobody knows for sure. This theory holds that in his ship’s final moments of functionality, it only had time to scan the audio data of human civilization. 

Watch “Lunatic” here:

The psychedelic, dreampop, and funk song, with sounds reminiscent of a modern ‘80’s electronica, was written by Goose and co-produced and co-composed by Nick Chuba, a Los Angeles-based film composer who has been accruing prestigious scoring and music credits on academy award-winning films. The track was mixed by the legendary Craig Bauer, who has won multiple grammys for his work with artists like Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco.

This strange, yet engulfing video was directed by the up-and-coming auteur Tiger Ji, whose award-winning debut short film “Wuhan Driver” is currently premiering at New York Shorts International Film Fest. The song really began to take on quite a different meaning once Goose Bolton and Tiger Ji conceived of the narrative we see in the video. The song evolved into a meditation on lizard people and who really is a lizard person.

Goose Bolton originates from California and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he has been an active member of the music scene in multiple groups since the mid 2010s. He has been releasing experimental short beats starting in early 2021, and “Lunatic” is the first single off of his upcoming full record. It begins a body of work he began in 2019 and has been fermenting steadily throughout the pandemic. He also works as a film composer, with his most recent work being on the award-winning short films Dukka and Dances with Shadows.

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