Grammy-Nominated Artist Porter Robinson Releases New Single and Music Video “Everything Goes On” in Partnership With The Riot Games’ Star Guardian Event

Today, game developer and publisher Riot Games launched the Star Guardian event in “League of Legends”, “League of Legends: Wild Rift”, and “Legends of Runeterra”, a 10 week magical experience that brings together players and anime fans alike with immersive in-game and out-of-game content.  In celebration of the start of the Star Guardian event, Riot Games partnered with acclaimed artist Porter Robinson on the event theme, “Everything Goes On”, now available to stream on all major streaming platforms and to watch on YouTube. Watch/stream at 

Star Guardian is Riot Games’ tribute to the magical girl (mahō shōjo), an anime genre that empowers young women, shows the importance of good friends, and celebrates authentic representations of one’s self. Like the inspirations that came before it, Star Guardian is a vibrant alternative universe that centers on a young cast of champions who navigate school relationships by day and the responsibilities of magical warriors by night.

Kicking off the event is the release of “Everything Goes On”, a song by acclaimed vocalist, songwriter, and producer Porter Robinson. Robinson wrote, produced and sang on the track, utilizing his emotional vocals and hopeful lyrics to add a layer of longing and depth to what players will feel and see during the next 10 weeks. “Everything Goes On” tells the story of two Star Guardians, each independently coming to terms with their loss and finding the will to move on with their new comrades.

For years now, players have recognized Riot’s commitment to music through experiences like K/DA, True Damage, and Pentakill; Star Guardian is no different. Robinson’s well-known influences from anime culture made him the perfect collaborator for the theme song to this anime-inspired event. His involvement in this campaign deepens the player’s emotions during it, providing a resonant and musical connection between the player and the characters within the Star Guardian universe. 

“One of my favorite things in the world is the combination of music and animation. Something about a quick series of shots of beloved characters and these little slices of life in dramatic moments cut to emotionally intense music, just gets me every time. The idea that I had was when you take the oath to become a Star Guardian, you get to live this life as this hero, but everybody that knew you before will forget about you. I wrote the lyrics with the perspective of the last night together and focusing on the tragedy of that. Fiction plays such an important part in people’s everyday lives. The stories that we tell ourselves and the stories that we bear witness to inform the way that we see the world, and I think that ultimately, this song ended up becoming this synthesis of sad story scenarios and what I was going through in real life,” said Robinson on his inspiration behind the track. 

In addition to writing, producing, and singing on the track, Robinson brought together a live orchestra, oversaw multiple studio sessions, and has been a comprehensive creative contributor throughout each element of this unique partnership. Robinson has been instrumental in amplifying the overall tone and emotion of Star Guardian, and with Riot’s reach of 57 million followers across platforms, “Everything Goes On” maximizes the player and listener experience in a way that highlights their own identity within the Star Guardian world.

About Porter Robinson:

At age 18, the North Carolina-based producer and songwriter burst onto the scene with a complex, bombastic brand of electro-house. Following the major success of his 2014 debut album Worlds, Porter released the RIAA Gold single “Shelter” with Madeon in 2016, followed by a Shelter Live Tour spanning 43 dates and four continents. The following year, Porter began releasing music under a new alias, Virtual Self, which led to his first Grammy nomination for the BBC Radio 1 hit single “Ghost Voices.” In 2019, Porter put on the first Second Sky Festival, which sold out all 30,000 tickets for the two-day festival in a single day. In both 2020 and 2021, Porter Robinson hosted editions of his virtual festival Secret Sky, amassing over 6 million viewers combined, and which came to be regarded as the most sophisticated virtual festivals of their time. Later in 2021, following the release of Nurture, Second Sky Festival made its return to the Bay Area, selling out 40,000 tickets in a single day. Immediately following, the Nurture Live North American Tour sold over 150,000 concert tickets and was the highest grossing electronic tour of 2021. At Second Sky 2021, Porter debuted his new DJ side project Air2Earth, which is focused on sample-driven, tranquil prog-house and airy disco, and in 2022 will perform at festivals including Bonnarroo, Osheaga, Electric Forest, HARD Summer, Electric Zoo and Firefly.

About Star Guardian:

Star Guardian 2022 is this year’s summer moment across the Riot ecosystem and includes product offerings from League of Legends, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, TFT (TBD), and Riot Games Music, and collaborations with music artists and brands.

For our most active/engaged players & fans of Star Guardian, this is a much-missed return of a beloved thematic and an opportunity to demonstrate our investment in an underserved community of players. Star Guardian also brings an opportunity to build fandom and loyalty amongst non-players (i.e. anime fans and female gamers) and showcase Riot’s innovation in different mediums, collaborations, and pop culture spaces.

About Riot Games:

Riot Games was founded in 2006 to develop, publish, and support the most player-focused games in the world. In 2009, Riot released its debut title, “League of Legends”, to worldwide acclaim. League has gone on to be the most played PC game in the world and a key driver of the explosive growth of esports.

As League enters its second decade, Riot continues to evolve the game while delivering new experiences to players with “Teamfight Tactics”, “Legends of Runeterra”, “VALORANT”, “League of Legends: Wild Rift”, and multiple work-in-progress titles, while exploring the world of Runeterra through multimedia projects across music, comic books, TV, and more. 

Founded by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill and led by CEO Nicolo Laurent, Riot is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and has 3,000 Rioters in 20+ offices worldwide.

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