“Gravity” by alt-pop singer Jesse Adams has grown up and matured alongside her

Credit: Saad Sheikh

Life can be bittersweet. Jesse Adams’ music captures that elusive state somewhere between defeat and resolve, misery and joy. After experiencing disparate moments of bliss and devastation, Jesse reached back into her childhood diary of songs, yanked them from their resting place, and revisited each from a more mature perspective.

Her fierce new song, “Gravity,” has been 16 years in the making. She started writing this song when she was seven years old with her friend Sara Bandkohal, and finished it later in adulthood after rewriting some lyrics and melodies. 

Jesse explains her inspiration for the song: “Life isn’t stagnant. Just when you think you’re winning, you lose and vice versa. It’s unpredictable. It’s out of our control like gravity.”

Feel the dynamic “Gravity

Watch the music video directed by Saad Sheikh here:

Jesse worked with music video director Saad Sheikh to envision a dark but shiny atmosphere with various imperfect and morally gray characters. It was also a great opportunity for Jesse to show off her skills as a trained dancer and actress.