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Griff Clawson “2Lovely”

Griff Clawson  "2Lovely" spotify ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Los Angeles, CA [February 3, 2020] Today, SoCal singer/songwriter Griff Clawson is releasing his sophomore single “2Lovely,” an alternative pop record with electronic flourishes, independently released.

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“2Lovely” comes at the heels of Clawson’s breakout pop record “Chasing Highs,” and marks his first release of 2021. Clawson made waves in 2020 after exploding onto the scene with vocal features on tracks produced by DJ global-stars such as ARTY, Matoma, Devault, Manilla Killa and Boombox Cartel.

Side-stepping away from big collaborations, Clawson is trailblazing his own path as an alternative force in pop music with the launch of his solo project. His second single “2Lovely” is completely self-produced, written and sung by Clawson.

On “2Lovely,” Clawson remarks:

“This song is really about that moment when you realize something is too good to be true, but enjoying it while it lasts. When I wrote this song, I was thinking about a moment in a recent relationship I had where I thought, wow “as good as this is right now, I know it won’t last forever” – Griff Clawson

At age 11, Clawson picked up his first guitar and started writing his own songs. Later, at age 14, he was selling out local coffee houses in Southern California—armed with just his electrifying voice and an acoustic guitar.

In an alternative 2020 without COVID-19, Billboard is confident that his track with EDM heavyweight ARTY “You’re Not Alone” would be “one of the summer’s favored mainstage anthems…”

In moving the focus of his career to releasing his own singles, Clawson is poised to start 2021 in stride. Listen to his new single, “2Lovely” and check him out on socials at the links below.

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