Grimelda & TELGATE Collaborate on Inclusive New Single “Freedom”

For nearly two decades, Blair Colwell and Skyler Cafferata have been (mostly) living in Saskatchewan, Canada creating music together. Their latest project, Grimelda (fka The Faps),  has spent the last 10 years dragging itself across the country, blasting chaotically joyful punk rock into the precious ears of any soul within arms reach. 

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With unhinged rock songs that blast art-punk to a unique level, Grimelda’s upcoming EP, It’s So Feeling When You Rock” (April 2023), is a collection of tracks that embellishes rock ‘n roll tropes as much as it tears them apart with its bare hands.

Their new single, “Freedom,” goes pedal to the metal with guest vocals from Casper James of the Welsh band TELGATE. “Angry, satirical, and celebratory of authentic people all at once,” Blair explains that “we’re so lucky to have support from such a wide array of communities everywhere we go, and that’s real Freedom…it’s about how crummy attitudes around gender hurts all of us, and our way of trying to show up for people who always show up for us.”

“Backed by a raucous and unpredictable live show (remember those?) that sees audience participation, guest appearances, and cross dressing; the anti-rock duo are nothing if not a creative powerhouse.” –RANGE

“[Grimelda] follow in the footsteps of outsiders like The Cardiacs and Primus, not necessarily musically, but in the context of bands who always trod their own eccentric path, regardless of commercial appeal.” –ThePunkSite