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Grizzly Coast shares new self-made “Lonely Planet” video!

Grizzly Coast release debut Party of One EP - TotalNtertainment

Late last summer, Kavanaugh and her partner bought a Volvo, named it Ducky, and headed west. On their month-long trip, the couple spent time in Badlands National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Oregon, Washington, The Cowichan Valley, Tofino, Vancouver, Banff + more. The footage from this trip was used for the “Lonely Planet” video. 

You can also hear Grizzly Coast‘s debut Party of One EP is out everywhere now:

Formerly performing as an acoustic singer-songwriter, the Toronto-based indie rock project (fronted by Alannah Kavanaugh) wears her expansion into full-band territory well. Written in 2018 when Kavanaugh was living alone, not very social, and being tossed about by her mental health, each track investigates solitude from different perspectives.

Shenever imagined that Party of One would drop during a time where others felt the same way on a mass scale. People need other people, and Kavanaugh hopes that these songs bring anyone who feels like she did a moment of comfort in an otherwise challenging period of disconnection.