Hamza Rahimtula drops ‘Groove Guru LP’ via Selekta Recordings on Aug 26 !

Keeping up with a trailblazing pace of releases, Wind Horse Records’s frontman Hamza Rahimtula returns to Selekta Recordings with another eclectic house music LP titled “GrooveGuru”.Following on from his Banjara series, this 10-track bomba is riddled with awesomeharmonics, sound design & a tasteful overall aesthetic.

Release Date: August 26th 2022

Right from the off with the title track the listener is greeted with a funk-driven tune that sets thetone for whatsto follow. “Do it right” & “Guru Funk” keep things classic taking dollops ofinspiration from America’s evergreen house music hubs of Detroit & Chicago, combining rhythmwith intelligently chosen vocals, stellar pads and tight basslines.

Next up “Moody”keeps things nice and snappy with off-beat grooves and expertly curatedpercussions, followed by “I know How You Feel”-a beach or sundowner that’s essentially filledwith laid-back good vibes through and through with a dash of rastafarian. The second half of thisdelicious LP opens up with “Nawar” , a selector’s cut that takes the microhouse route withaplomb. Quirky and perfect for those intimate dance floor sessions, this one packs more than itseems at first listen.

Moving deeper in the LP, “Lonesome Beat” is anything but, this deceptively named housegroover has all the elements to make it one of the tunes of the summer. With beautifully craftedmelodies, a simple yet effective kick-percussion combination along with soft, lush atmospheresgive thistrack a persona that’s different from the others. “Blue groove” is a retro-inspired trackwith playful guitars, uplifting keys and a bouncy rhythm that give it delightful charm.

The penultimate tune of the LP “Funky Chusky” is a glorious house music tune that’s meant forthose sweaty peak hour dancefloors. Instrumentally gorgeous, the track takes listeners on acosmic soulful voyage that’s covered with a generous amount of jazz music influence. Roundingthis off, is a radio edit of the title track meantfor those easy listening sessions in your car, at thebar or a party that’s far.

All in all “Groove Guru” is an inspired house music compilation that’s quite easily going to find itsway into the playlists of DJs across the planet, adding to Hamza’s everincreasing arsenal ofquality house music.