HAVET share standout new single ‘Mamas Lullaby’ along with debut EP OUT NOW!

Exciting German/Swedish teenage siblings HAVET today release their 5-track debut EP “Mamas Lullaby” The band comprises of sisters Josy (17) and Mimi (19.)  The record features recent uploads “Child” & “Toxic” and their latest single also out today, also called “Mamas Lullaby” 

Listen to Mamas Lullaby HERE & the whole EP HERE

Today’s title track “Mamas Lullaby” grapples with the feelings of needing help and feeling alone, head-on. It’s rich in warming production and lyrically emotive like in all their releases to date, 

With today’s launch debut EP fans will find familiarity in their debut track “Child” featuring on the tracklist along with today’s upload along with three new, unheard tracks. The EP promises to feel both nostalgic yet contemporary, exploring themes of youth, and coping with what the world throws at you whilst also being songs that’ll make you want to dance. The tracklist & EP artwork are listed below.

  1. Child
  2. Sea
  3. Toxic
  4. Old Love
  5. Mamas Lullaby



Toxic is about getting free from a toxic relationship and finally realizing all the ways the other person treated you wrong


“Child” is an ode to your heritage. It’s about being proud of your past and your roots and trusting the future because of it.

Old love

Old love is about meeting that one special person whom you feel like you could spend the rest of your life with. The Song focuses on the kind of love story that you read in books or see in movies and it portrays a romantic and wholesome relationship.


Nostalgia about the days before a friendship was broken in two, desperately wishing things could go back to the way they used to be. Sea is about longing for a plan to fix a thing that can’t be fixed, wishing somebody could come and save you from drowning in sadness.

Mamas Lullaby

Mamas lullaby is about being in a dark and lonely place, grasping for guidance, and wanting to feel safe. The chorus is bringing warmth and reassurance that everything is going to be alright, even if it’s unimaginable. Like a mother singing a kid to sleep, like a warm hand on your head, like a cozy blanket, offers Mamas lullaby Hope and Protection


HAVET was Born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, to their singer & multi-instrumentalist parents, so music has always been a part of their lives.  Their sound draws upon influences in pop, R&B, folk, and indie styles along with their experiences playing in bands with their friends growing up. They cite Billie Eillish, Billie Marten, Daniel Caesar, Bruno Major  and  Tyler The Creator as artists they are inspired by. 

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