heaven sent keeno ‘LADY GAGA (POKER FACE)’ NO CHANCE (EP)

Blossoming artist heaven sent keeno delivers his intoxicating new single ‘LADY GAGA (POKER FACE)’ from his forthcoming EP, ‘No Chance’, dropping 17th March. 

heaven sent keeno exhibits inspiration from legendary artists within the hip-hop scene including the highly-favoured Kid Cudi and Travis Scott whilst carving a lane for himself with innovative production and unique lyricism. Born and raised in Des Moines, lowa – the midwestern soul enticed by the likes of Noname, Saba and Smino can be found within this multi-faceted talents releases.

With a growing repertoire of introspective melodies, alluring atmospherics and hard-hitting bars that cut deep that are decorated with striking and optical illusion covers for each release, keeno’s musical career continues to go from strength with March’s brand new four-track EP ‘NO CHANCE’

‘LADY GAGA (POKE FACE)’ opens with a luscious blend of colourful bass notes and pulsating patterns which float out into the distance. Heaven sent keeno’s lyrics appear right from the off and creates a serene musical experience that stands out the most from his growing discography. 

‘NO CHANCE’ overall serves listeners with a dynamic selection of cuts and is packed with plenty of tasteful tracks for every rap enthusiast to enjoy. It’s easily one of  heaven-sent keeno’s most exciting releases yet and highlights that he is an artist ready to take the alternative hip-hop scene by storm.