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Helion & Violet Days ‘Raindrops’

Raindrops by Helion/Violet Days on MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF & ALAC at Juno  Download

23-year-old Swedish producer Helion teamed up with Swedish alternative-pop group Violet Days on their new single “Raindrops.” This single comes a little while after Helion’s last track, “How Many Days,” which was released in October of last year.

Listen to “Raindrops”

Inspired by Avicii and others, Helion is an up-and-coming DJ whose fanbase is rapidly growing. His songs are characterized by innovative vocal manipulation and fierce background instrumentation. “Raindrops” is almost a contradiction in itself; it has deeply sad and reflective lyrics, while moving at a fast-pace, with an intense beat. The singer reflects on dealing with heartbreak and the pain that results.