helloworld ‘Voices’ ft. Pauline Herr Heaven Sent

The melodic bass upstart debuts its project on SLANDER’s recently launched label with a dreamy single, featuring Los Angeles songstress Pauline Herr.

The newly formed helloworld greets the dance music space with its first official single arriving in the shape of “Voices,” featuring Pauline Herr, landing on SLANDER’s Heaven Sent. 

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Not every artist is fortunate enough to come out of the gate with a proper cosign from one of the most influential forces on the dancefloor. But sometimes, a project presents itself with is so much potential spilling out the edges that it’s virtually impossible to pass up on. SLANDER has an eye for that sort of thing, and they are now championing a melodic bass upstart by the name of helloworld—with a rather fitting alias, for that matter—who is receiving the warmest of welcomes in the form of the sixth single to surface on the recently minted Heaven Sent imprint. Seeing as how the artist is barely getting passed the loading screen, the only frame of reference offered here is the music itself. And it happens to be every bit of an exemplary introduction that anyone could ever ask for. 

On “Voices,” the fledgling producer reinforces the big debut by swooping up a stellar feature from the Los Angeles-based singer and producer, Pauline Herr. Between her own heart-stopping solo offerings and previous appearances alongside Moore Kismet, Kaivon, Tails, Naderi and more, Herr has shown she has a special gift with launching melody-driven music into the cosmos. Her syrupy tendencies reach new heights on this new effort, as her vulnerable vocal delivery tries to outrun the shadow being cast by her past. The tortured soul fills the void with her tender tones, while helloworld helps her break freak from the shackles with an unfettered beat allowing those bottled-up emotions to find release. Lightly distorted low-end thrusts through the cracks sitting in-between soaring synths, thudding drum hits and sweeping arpeggiations, all of which culminate into a powerful melodic bass offering meant to drown out the pain. It’s beauty alone makes it hard to focus on anything else, so it’s safe to label it as a job well done. 

“Slander’s vision for Heaven Sent aligns perfectly with my vision for helloworld, so it’s the perfect platform for the project’s debut,” says helloworld. “Shoutout to the SLANDER boys for believing in the track and creating such a cool community for melodic tunes!”

“I’m very excited to finally share this amazing song with the world and am honored to be a part of helloworld’s debut,” adds Pauline. “I’ve always been a big fan of this type of music, and I think Heaven Sent is the perfect label for the track. I’m a big fan of SLANDER, as they actually inspired me to attend the music school I went to (ICON Collective) after I met them at a show they played in Minnesota, so this is a fun full-circle moment for me.”

The pairing between Pauline Herr and helloworld appears to be a match made in heaven. And if “Voices” is any indication in the slightest sense, there’s nothing but greatness lining the horizon for both of these talented acts. 

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