Hey Major share their heartbreak on “You’re So Cold (I’m on Fire)”

Brothers Mikaël and Rafaël Fortin from Sherbrooke, QC carried the influences of their favourite bands like Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, and the Black Keys to the studio and guided the musical imagination of what would become the art-rock of Hey Major. The brothers’ fraternal, if not symbiotic, chemistry that gives us a song as embodied as it is unabashed, setting the tone for the best, yet to come.

Their new songYou’re So Cold (I’m on Fire) is about a complicated love. Both the lyrics and rhythm of the music reflect a controlling and heartbreaking relationship. Even though it’s about being hurt, the brothers wanted to channel the sentiment that there’s beauty in pain too. 

Listen to the enchanting song “You’re So Cold (I’m on Fire)” –

Watch the music video filmed in Spain