Hip Hop Love song By Ghanian Teen Choice Award Winner Gambo

Ghanian Teen Choice award winning artist Gambo shares his feelings of love on his new single ‘Beautiful’, out now on all streaming platforms.

Written and recorded in 2018, Gambo channeled the love he felt for his then girlfriend to create a track that expressed his thoughts and feelings, even after the heartbreak of their break up. After recording the track, Gambo realised that the track needed a female vocalist. He connected with fellow Ghanian artist Sefa and together they created a track that encapsulates the feeling of being in love, with their vocals perfectly complimenting each other.

Speaking of the track, Gambo says, “Life is too short so we should never give up on love. Everything happens for a reason, and I want to share the thought that, even when things go wrong, you should always remember the time when you were in love with that person and the happy memories it brings.”

Bashir Annan aka Gambo is an up and coming Ghanaian rapper, songwriter and singer. In 2015, he won the Ultimate Ghana Teen Choice Award and also ranked in the Top 5 upcoming African acts in Spark Magazine.