HOOGENBOOM Feels “Damn Good” On New Single Out Today Debut Album Good For Nothing (A Spiraling Blackout Montage) Out February 10 via Rose Garden

Today, HOOGENBOOM, aka singer and songwriter Brandon Hoogenboom, shared “Damn Good,” a new single from his upcoming debut album Good For Nothing (A Spiraling Blackout Montage) out February 10 via Rose Garden (RunnnerMonster Rally). A contemplative ode to self acceptance, the song sees Fleetwood Mac-style harmonies float while spacey synths and violins flutter, as Brandon finds security and confidence in the face of criticism: “After spending most of my life feeling incredibly insecure, I finally found confidence in myself,” states the artist. “I let go of the pressure to conform to what I felt like the world was telling me to be and found the joy in embracing who I am.” 

Listen : “Damn Good

The bright melodies and warm instrumentation as heard in today’s single, as well as previous teaser tracks “The Violinist (Penalized & Paralyzed)” and “Skipping Town,” are undercut with Brandon’s reflective lyricism, which finds him ruminating on a dark period in his life that the album title gestures towards. “I had a tendency to take things too far in an attempt to cope with what felt like the breakup of a tight-knit family,” he explains while discussing the title’s meaning. “A lot of this album is me taking the time to address my issues inside and outside of the band, and it’s taken a decade for me to really understand that period of my life and be able to move on. This is me learning how much I need to take the reins of my own life and my own story.”

But don’t let the name fool you: Good For Nothing (A Spiraling Blackout Montage) is a resplendent collection of bold, beatific melodies cut with Brandon’s deeply felt, introspective songwriting. “A lot of emotion went into these songs,” he says while talking about what the album means to him. “This is the first collection of recorded music that I’m really proud of, and it feels like it’s just the beginning—but every day I’m pushing myself and my art forward, too.” Ultimately, it represents a showcase for Brandon’s talents when it comes to crafting songs you can live within—rich with atmospherics without skimping on an irresistible tunefulness that sounds both timeless and immediate. 

About Rose Garden:
Rose Garden is a newly-formed artist management company and record label home to artists such as RunnnerMonster RallyRUMTUMBolinas and HOOGENBOOM based in Brooklyn, New York. Rose Garden is the brainchild of artist manager and music supervisor Ethan Converse, previously of the Brooklyn management, sync and PR company, Sub Rosa Curation. You can learn more about Rose Garden at / IG @rosegardenartists.

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