I M U R Share New Single “Birdseye” off ‘My Molecules’ LP (out June 25th)


I M U R make genre-bending make-out music, weaving alt-R&B and avant-pop into undeniably catchy songs that fit just outside the box. Composed of singer/songwriter Jenny Lea, producer/guitarist Mikey J Blige, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Amine Bouzaher, I M U R‘s sound is a cinematic blend of smooth and sultry, tussled together with texture and bounce. Their lyrics tell a story of self-reflection, strength in vulnerability, and the courage to tackle taboo subjects like addiction/recovery and female sexuality.

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Remaining low-key in 2020, the band began development of their next album, My Molecules, due out on June 25th. Following on the heels of “Sad Girls Club,” the LP’s reflective new single, “Birdseye,” is officially available to stream on all platforms today.

A labor of love, “Birdseye” takes inspiration from Lea’s near-death experience in a car accident. It’s an important reminder that simply stepping back and taking a breath can be the difference between losing your mind and appreciating your day-to-day life.

The members of I M U R all took time away, not by choice, during the beginning of this crazy quarantine year. Although they each struggled in different ways, upon reuniting, it was with a renewed sense of vigour and purpose. My Molecules, thematically, touches on topics that everyone has experience with but that are often not discussed publicly, such as love, lust, loss, death, trauma and purpose.

Not everything that happened to me in life, that has been good for me, has been good TO me. My car accident was not good to me, but it was, in a way, good for me, because it caused me to focus on myself, get better, and pour myself into music. 

Jenny Lea