Indie Anthem Folk duo FIREWOODISLAND shares single ‘Gold (Unplugged)’

Firewoodisland are Bristol based Norwegian/Welsh songwriters Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri. Known for their layered,  emotive vocals, and a cinematic sound that perfectly balances organic with digital, they create an atmospheric  sound-scape that is moving yet striking. Labelling their sound ‘mountain pop’ they combine the catchiness of pop  with the sensibilities of indie, sprinkled with some organic elements from folk. Similar artists include Bon Iver,  Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Harrison Storm. Spring 2021 will see their “Unplugged EP” released, and the duo are  announcing their second single from the EP, “Gold (Unplugged)”. 

Gold is a soulful, acoustic singer/songwriter track. It’s about loving each other and learning to see the gold in one  another, despite our differences. It has been a fan favourite as part of Firewoodisland’s live set for years, and is now  finally out to stream and download.  

“We’ve tried to record various full production versions of Gold. It was even going to be on our 2020 album with a big  production, guitar solos and all, but we felt it lost the intimacy that makes the track so precious. When we got the idea  for the unplugged EP, Gold naturally made it’s way onto the list where it can shine it’s brightest – unplugged.” 

“We’re fortunate to have a home studio where we’ve been able to continue creating music over this strange time.  However, we look forward to an enthusiastic live audience when we’re back to some kind of normal. We miss playing  music and meeting new people so much.” 

To celebrate the release of Gold, the duo has filmed a beautiful acoustic rendition of it during golden hour in a local  forest in Bristol, UK.  

The duo has spent most of 2020 writing and recording new music. The Unplugged EP will have three stripped down  versions of Firewoodisland favourites, as well as two brand new tracks. Stian & Abi are also deep into the writing and  production stage of a future 3rd album. 

With previous support from Clash Mag, Wonderland, Atwood Mag, BBC 6 Music, BBC 2, Norway’s NRK P3, as well as  seeing music in TV series like Netflix Shadowhunter, Global TV’s NURSES and several MTV shows, the duo is building an  exciting name to watch. 2020 also saw Firewoodisland releasing a delicate rendition of Alphaville’s Forever Young with  backing from Warner Music UK, which is currently being featured in an Air BnB advert. 

What started as a solo project quickly became the joint creative project of artists, multi-instrumentalists and  songwriters Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri. Hailing from a windswept west coast island of Norway, Stian met Abi after  moving to Cardiff to study for a master in music production. Abi was at the time studying illustration, and the two  paired up to form the band, releasing their debut EP in 2014, second EP Dome in 2016 and their debut album Chaos  Is The State Of The Heart in 2018. Their latest sophomore album (2020) was a turning point for Firewoodisland, as the  duo finally felt at home creatively. With all audio and visual being created in their own home, you encounter a little  piece of their soul when you experience Firewoodisland’s work. 


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