Indie-Electronic Duo Dinnertable Shares Vibrant New Single ‘Again Again’

Photo Credit: Adam Lodin

Stockholm based indie-electronic duo Dinnertable share their vibrant new single ‘Again Again’. 

Following the release of their debut EP 7, Johan and Emil (the minds behind Dinnertable) are back with yet another fine example of their unique upbeat blend of wavy surfing guitars, electronic beats and melancholic lyricism on ‘Again Again’. Professing to making “music for cocktail parties as well as breakups” the blend of reflective lyricism with upbeat soundscapes is hugely effective, delivering a warming soundscape packed with ear-worm melodies and rich musical textures. 

Talking about the story behind the writing of the song and the lyrical content, the band share:

At a dinner party at Emil’s place, we started jamming and came up the riffs and recorded a demo. And after a couple of weeks we met in the studio, listening to demos and sampled that demo into a new song. So basically we made a remix of ourselves and that is Again Again.

Again Again is about not controlling your impulses, for good and for bad. It’s about trying to become a “better self” but also a more boring self. But then you get these impulses again, and you do these wrongs again and kinda like it. And so, you do it again, and again…”

A band with an effortlessly infectious, euphoric yet thoughtful sound, Dinnertable showcase what an exciting talent they are on ‘Again Again’ with the promise of more new material on the horizon. 

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