Indie Folk Artist Braden Lam Releases New Single/Music Video “white dress”

Blending authentic songwriting with modern indie flare, Braden Lam is forging the path to a new 21st-century folk-pop. The young ECMA-nominated artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia sounds like The Lumineers and Phoebe Bridgers met at a campfire in Canada.

Co-written with Jordan Coaker of Newfoundland duo, Quote The Raven, “white dress” is about attending your best friend’s wedding, but wishing that you were the one marrying them. The new single grieves what has been lost: love that was never reciprocated. But it’s also about moving on.

By coincidence, the song is in ¾ time, the same time signature as a waltz. The somber tone syncs beautifully with the choreographed dance of tension and emotion in the official music video.

Watch the “white dress” visuals: