Indie-Folk Creative Sage Of New England Shines On New EP ‘Encounter’

Sage of New England the brainchild of Woodstock, NY based indie-folk singer-songwriter Matthew Hayes Jacobs returns with the hypnotic and beautiful new EP ‘Encounter’.

Creating his work alongside producer Justin Tracy, Sage Of New England’s unique blend of sonic textures and rich production creates a beautifully multifaceted, organic and complex sound steeped in melancholy. With a focus on exploring themes of transformation and compassion, Sage of New England creates music that delves deep into the human experience.

Effortlessly mesmerising, moving and profound, the new EP ‘Encounter’ delivers a sonic feast of intertwining melodies and captivating, poetic songwriting. Weaving a tapestry of acoustic guitars, subtle synths, strings, grounding bass and shuffling drums across the EP’s 5 tracks, Sage Of New England creates a warming, pillowy and strikingly beautiful musical backdrop for his silky, melancholic vocal deliver which is often subtly caged in lo-fi boxy production, contrasting against the cinematic nature of the instrumentation. Immersive, multi-dimensional, ‘Encounter’ is another sparkling addition to Sage Of New England’s growing alt-folk catalogue. 

The EP release is led by one of the EP’s highlights – the breezy, whimsical opening track ‘Encounter with a Guide’. A wondrous journey through Jacobs’ delicate falsetto vocal which leads you on a dreamy, breezy musical journey through gently swaying musical interludes, the single is a prime example of the solo artists ability to create spellbinding soundscapes. 

Speaking about the EP and new single, Matthew adds: Encounter EP is an exploration of transformation, compassion, adventure, and walking the path of a mystic.  It’s heavily influenced by my spiritual and mental health journey. I want to convey to the listeners what I have learned in my life.  My intention with the music and lyrics is to do something that is meaningful, authentic, genuine and truthful, something our world needs.  This EP aims to uplift and comfort while exploring these themes of wisdom.

Encounter with a Guide was inspired by a one on one meeting I had with a guru and the insights I gained from it.  “It’s not too late”, one of the lyrics in this song, is a reminder that it’s never too late to transform, change your life, and do what you love.  The door is always open.”  

The name “Sage of New England” originates from one of Matthew’s upcoming songs, scheduled for release in the fall of 2023. This particular composition tells the tale of a disillusioned woman in search of inner peace who finds solace in the guidance of an unexpected companion—a farmer she encounters after relocating to New England. It serves as a poignant reminder that wisdom can be found in the most unlikely places, encouraging listeners to embrace the transformative power of life’s encounters.

Sage of New England’s intention is to craft music that resonates deeply, evoking introspection and inspiring personal growth. With the new EP, this talented solo artist invites audiences on an ethereal journey through his restless musical ideas and otherworldly songwriting.

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