Indie-folk Singer-songwriter Cujo Moon shares video for ‘Mirror Image’ off his recently released Bridges II EP

Rising alternative folk singer Cujo Moon has released his indie-folk EP, Bridges II on 26 March via Cujo Moon and Tone Tree Music. Bridges I and Bridges II mark the musician embarking on his own solo adventure. While working in his earlier bands, the singer was featured on Coldplay’s website for the song ‘To The Moon’ and shared a stage with the Mild High Club. Cujo Moon has received over 1 million plays across streaming platforms with features on Atwood Magazine, CLASH Magazine and Under The Radar as well as features on the Spotify playlists Winter Acoustic, Morning Acoustic and Infinite Indie Folk and Apple Music’s Acoustic Chill Playlist to boot.

WATCH: Cujo Moon – Mirror Image Video

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Currently operating under the alias of Cujo Moon, Trevor Willmott, is originally from Lexington, Kentucky (USA) and settled down in Nashville, Tennessee. The musician has found himself working in several bands over the years including The Wild Jays, Dream the Electric Sleep and one half of the duo Neon Rain. His lyrics are self-healing as they are created from Willmott’s personal experiences with depression and anxiety. However, the singer-songwriter aims to provide a sense of hope during times of loss and sorrow. With soft, intimate moments, his own sound calls to mind the likes of Bon Iver, Ben Howard, and Jeff Buckley.

Cujo Moon’s Bridges II EP is the audio embodiment of a slow, Sunday morning with your lover. The smell of homemade pancakes and coffee drift through the air, mingling with the gentle indie strains and enhancing the forgiving ambience that permeates throughout the day. The EP features the talented vocals of Trevor’s partner, Rae Mercedes in the memorable single ‘Goodnight Black Sky’. Filled with hope, and tenderly unhurried tones, Bridges II takes a look at the intimate side of life and all of the complexities found within it. 

The musician shares his thoughts on the EP: “Most of the writing and production process was done completely alone. The songs are a mixture of new and old but the production style was a new venture entirely. The strings, percussive elements, and epic layering of sounds were entirely new for me in this genre. Maybe it was the residue leftover from having been in a psych-rock band for 4 years; I just couldn’t completely revert to acoustic guitar and vocals by themselves. One highlight from the recording process was tracking vocals for Goodnight Black Sky with my partner Rae Mercedes – I’m so happy we did the duet. Her voice took the song to another level and really brought the narrative to life. I’d like to venture into new territories with each new collection of songs that will follow these EPs – I’m not a fan of repeating the same sound over and over.”

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