Indie Up & Comer Ziggy D’Amato Shares Infectious New Stunner ‘Tina’s Nite Club’

Ziggy D’Amato shares the infectious new indie-rock stunner ‘Tina’s Nite Club’ taken from the upcoming EP Maya Blue. Playing all the instruments, self-recording, producing, and mixing, Ziggy is a restless and multi-talented creative with endless musical ideas and a wide range of influences. With a head full of pop melodies, three-part harmonies, 60’s girl group backup vocals, 70’s wah-wah guitar solos, and over-the-top 80’s choruses, David “Ziggy” D’Amato has a unique approach to making music which shines across the upcoming EP. 


Showcasing a driving energy, tight distorted guitar licks, urgent vocal delivery and infectious melodies, ‘Tina’s Nite Club’ instantly captures the vibrant and exciting indie sound present across D’Amato’s material. As the track progresses through layers of vocal harmonies, it soon enters an floating, ethereal chorus as Ziggy’s silky voice floats over strummed acoustics and twinkling electric guitar lines before bursting into life again with an intense guitar solo. 

Speaking about the single, Ziggy Shares:

“Tina’s Nite Club is the name of an infamous karaoke bar on the westside of Cleveland, Ohio. For the past three years, I’ve found myself at Tina’s nearly every weekend. I’ve been heartbroken and single during this time. 

This song is sort of a caricature of my experiences being single and drunk, while ultimately desiring the traditional wife and kids thing which seems simultaneously counterintuitive to the idea of being single and drunk at a bar.”

Having already gained a range of support across tastemaker press, Ziggy D’amato’ has begun to make a name for himself and is now aiming to take things to the next level with a flurry of new material. The new single ‘Tina’s Nite Club’ is due for release 17th Feb. 

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