Inspiring Indie-pop Musician Wolf Saga shares ‘Alice In Nowhere Land’

Indie-pop artist Wolf Saga has shared his electrifying song, ‘Alice In Nowhere Land’ taken from his newly released self-titled album (18 November, 2020). Wolf Saga is known for his vibrant stage presence, appearing at the WayHome Festival (Neil Young, Sam Smith, Alt-J) as well as Wake The Giant Festival (Metric, July Talk). The talented artist was a JUNO Masterclass Finalist in 2018 and was named RBC’s Canada’s Emerging Artist. Wolf Saga has received radio play from Sirius XM and CBC and has reached over 3.3 million plays across streaming platforms.

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Originally hailing from London, Ontario, Wolf Saga would choose the moniker to honour the spirit of the wolf – a creature known for protecting its loved ones in Saga’s Ojibwe culture. Based in Toronto, the singer writes about important causes in his music, touching upon Indigenous reparations, Black Lives Matter, police brutality as well as more intimate and personal experiences with friends and family. Drawing influence from the likes of Caribou, Justice, Cut Copy, Bowie and Daft Punk, Wolf Saga’s own sound calls to mind the lighthearted sounds of M83, MGMT and Empire of the Sun.

Let’s delve into the story of Alice – a woman unable to break the rose coloured glasses of social media and come to terms with her own reality. Wolf Saga manages to warn about the dangers of living through a screen with light, indie rifts and unjudging lyrics. Highlighting issues that many have faced, including envying the unattainable, ‘Alice In Nowhere Land’ is a call to freedom – of both the mind and spirit.

Wolf Saga tells us about the concept behind the single: “‘Alice In Nowhere Land’ explores the reliance on technology and social media that we’ve come to accept as commonplace, especially now in 2021 when socializing IRL has become so difficult and dangerous. We see people’s “lives” curated through their social accounts, but it’s increasingly difficult to parse what’s real and what’s performed. I’m hopeful that we’re at the precipice of a shift in social media consumption, particularly as people around the world wake up, and demand authenticity in everything they engage in.”

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