INTERVIEW with XAVIER CLAYTON “5 Questions for Xavier Clayton”

Find Your Sound Interview : “5 Questions for Xavier Clayton”

FYS : “Congratulations, Xavier, on your two simultaneous releases on Universal Flow Records. Can you tell us a bit about them?

Xavier Clayton : “Ah, Thanks! “High High High” is a Pop, Dance, R&B summer track. It was produced by Evi Sambo at Brutu Music. We wanted to really put a positive vibe on it after all of this pandemic nightmare we’ve all been through. Just to make something really happy that people can dance to. It’s already got a ton of streams and downloads on Beatport and entered the Top 100 Hype for its first two weeks. “Drowning” is a Trance, EDM dance track. It also is doing well and getting a lot DJ support internationally. So, we’re glad.”

FYS : “Like you said, both are good floor fillers after a year in lockdown. Is that why you wrote them?”

Xavier Clayton : “Of course! People are coming out now. DJs and artists are performing again. We need a lot of good energy! We can have fun again.”

FYS : “Haha… That’s right! You’ve written some big hits before haven’t you?”

Xavier Clayton : “Yes. “The World Is Mine”, I wrote for David Guetta. The lyrics. And “Closer To Me” for Chab. Plus a lot of other tracks for other artists and rappers. Some of these songs are even in films. But, for “High High High” and “Drowning”, they are the first songs I am singing. They are the first with me as the singer-songwriter.”

FYS : “Nice! I was listening to them in my car on the way here… Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into music.”

Xavier Clayton : “I always have ideas for songs… plus I love Pop, Dance, and R&B music. But, at heart, I’m a writer. I write books, songs, poems… whatever. My creativity comes out that way and I like communicating in that form. Telling stories. When write, for myself or other artists, I am really in my element. It feels like a game or a crossword puzzle, or something. To come up with ideas that can be put to music.”

FYS : “What’s next for Xavier Clayton?”

Xavier Clayton : “At the moment, I’m working on a lot of new songs! Me and Universal Flow Records are excited about the next one… it’s called “Again”.

FYS : “Can’t wait!”


High High High

Pop/R&B flavad track for the summer! Available on Beatport, Spotify, etc…


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About Xavier Clayton (Singer – Songwriter – Author)

Xavier Clayton’s musical career started out as a songwriter for two worldwide club hits: “The World Is Mine” (David Guetta) and “Closer To Me” (Chab ft JD Davis). He has written and released songs with Pop/Dance producers such as Phil Wilde, DB Boulevard, Cristian Marchi, Brunel@WekhoMusic, and Joachim Garraud.

This summer, Club and Pop Radio fans will discover two new tracks from this up and coming singer/songwriter – “Drowning” (A Club/Pop track produced by Dobie) and “High High High” (An RNB/Pop track produced by Brutu Music). These track willbe released on Universal Flow Records for the summer 2021!

Born in Seattle, Washington, he now makes France his home. He not only writes catchy pop songs, but is also a published author – “The Phoenix Within” and “Awaken Your Inner Phoenix”. Also his songs have been featured in both Hollywood and European Films, on American TV Morning Shows and during numerous Sporting Events. 

Watch for Xavier on various podcasts, radio shows, and blogs. Please subscribe to his email list and post your comments. 

Go to the Video page here and check out the promo video for “Drowning”!!

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