Inspired by fleeting love amidst the chaos of lockdown, the Irish wordsmith paints the scene of being friend-zoned on his rooftop, comparing an unnamed lover to the stunning views of London at sunset​ ​from his lofty bedroom studio; “city sunset glittering red – how could I have ever impressed you?”


Bold brass, luscious smooth strings, and mellow melodic wind textures, subtly create an orchestral bed of sound on which his gritty sparkling vocals sit. This impressive pop production comes as no surprise as Braynin draws from his extensive musical upbringing, clearly ​hinting at the world-class musical education he received at the renowned Yehudi Menuhin School. Having been awarded a scholarship, he left his home in ​Cork- Ireland ​at a young age to study violin and piano at the London-based specialist music school. During his studies, he excelled at improvisation, harmony, and composition.

Braynin draws on his biggest inspirations, beautifully combining the brilliance of Hans Zimmer’s orchestral opuses, with the pop genius of Max Martin, and the clever songwriting sensibilities of FINNEAS. The final section of ‘Too Late’ pays homage to a classical ‘cadenza’, if you will, where Braynin plays a stylish improvisatory electric-violin solo; an ode to his childhood hero – violinist Nigel Kennedy.

“To be honest this is one of the first songs I wrote truly from the heart. Quite frankly, it came together so effortlessly I was speechless. I fell madly for this girl, and after being friend-zoned, I wrote this song. I wanted to impress her, hoping she would change her mind, and I think it worked! Definitely more love songs coming soon, that’s for sure.” – Braynin

Braynin’s debut single introduces him as a new artist, but this is certainly not his first rodeo. The gifted prodigy amassed 100 million streams as a songwriter/producer during 2020 alone, writing and producing for the likes of global DJ Imanbek and Darkroom/Interscope’s newest signee, Cian Ducrot. The multi-instrumentalist has single-handedly written, produced, mix-mastered, and performed the song, showcasing Braynin’s mastery of his craft; a definite artist to watch. “Too Late” is the first of four songs Braynin has lined up for 2021.