Berlin-based dark pop singer, songwriter and producer Irys shares brand new single ‘Circles’, out now on all streaming platforms.


Naming acts like Boy Harsher and The Weekend as inspiration, Irys draws from her combined influences, thriving on being able to experiment with her music and the concepts and emotions she’s able to portray, totally owning her own brand of gutsy, bold alt-pop. Speaking of the track, she says, “Some years ago, I lived through a quite dark time in my life; I was depressed and had ruminating thoughts in my head 24/7! A bit of a frightening experience, and I’m happy that’s over! In “Circles” I tried to process how it feels to have your brain under high pressure. I did this by creating an energetic track with repetitive elements to mirror the ruminating thoughts in my mind.”

With the electronically enhanced production laying the ground for Irys’ distinctive vocals to take the spotlight, ‘Circles’ is loaded with musical details that really amplify the sentiment of the song. Often written from a darker, more introspective place, Irys’ music is an outlet for challenges she has faced in her life. But on the other hand, her songs also have something energetic and positive about them: “You can turn things around and create something good with it, and get stronger through difficulties! The dark doesn’t need to define you. This is the message I want to communicate with my songs.”

 Born and raised in a small town in the Bavarian mountains,  Irys is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer. Moving to Berlin to pursue music more seriously, Irys writes, records and produces all her music independently. “I think a song often loses its originality when it goes through too many hands. I found that my best work happens when I trust my gut. I’m all about independence, unique music, and the empowerment of female producers  – and I wish that in the future, more music we hear daily is really finished by women.” ” 


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