Jack Vallier makes defiant return with new video ‘Insomnia’

Jack Vallier marks a defiant comeback with the heart-wrenching new single ‘Insomnia’. Out March 10th on Firefly Entertainment, it is the first in a series of new releases this year from the much loved troubadour.

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With its release coinciding with World Sleep Day, the emotionally-charged track sees Jack longing for sleep and for peace of mind after the end of a deep relationship. “I was in love with her / now I’ve got insomnia”. On a bed of finger-picked melodies, the track builds to an anthemic outro, lifted up on a dreamy soundscape of meditative harmonies.

“I wrote Insomnia in Sweden during a really bad stint of not sleeping” says Vallier. “I went into the studio with my favourite producer Freddy Häggstam after not sleeping for two days so naturally it was the best thing to write about on the day. Freddy really captured the emotion of the song in the production and I feel like it epitomises why I started to write songs – it’s like therapy for things I struggle with.”

The single comes with an accompanying video, directed by Oska Zaky. Soaked in hazy, memory-tinged visuals, the video is a depiction of “what it’s like to struggle to sleep every night, the endless thoughts and daydreams you have when you lie there for hours and hours in bed”, Vallier says. It shows the late night processing of a breakup, with Vallier thinking back to the good and bad memories, before finally ending in acceptance, allowing him to drift off to sleep.

Jack Vallier is a singer/songwriter from Bournemouth, who now resides in London. With his dark yet refreshingly honest take on pop music, Jack has amassed over 40 million streams on Spotify alone after turning heads with his first few EPs. After various syncs on shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and his track ‘Rebekah’ being featured on BBC Radio 1 as Tune of the Week, Jack then went on tour supporting Dermot Kennedy for over 40 shows across the UK and Europe.

After a challenging period where Jack was hit with a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ‘Insomnia’ sets the tone for an exciting return to form. Jack will be donating all Bandcamp proceeds from the track to Action For M.E. – a charity in the UK supporting people with M.E.

Following the release, Jack will present a bi-monthly songwriting showcase night entitled ‘Show The Credits’. The first off which takes place 4th April at The Camden Club. The night gives some of the best writers in music right now to give insight into their creative process and to spark conversations around songwriting. Jack will be joined by FJ LawSfvenSody and Lauren Aquilina. Open to the public, tickets and info can be found here.

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