Japan’s leading DJ/producer Shinichi Osawa’s MONDO GROSSO releases new version of MONDO GROSSO collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto. 

Since forming in Kyoto in the 1990s as an acid-jazz band and later becoming the solo project of Japan’s leading DJ/producer Shinichi Osawa, MONDO GROSSO have gone on to find worldwide acclaim, redefining the Japanese music scene through innovative tracks that have included techno releases on Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim)’s label Southern Fried Records in the UK and Kitsune in France under Shinichi Osawa’s name. 

On new release ‘IN THIS WORLD feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto (Piano Mix)’ released today (March 16, 2022), Osawa presents a new version of his collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto, a member of the legendary Japanese electronic music band YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA (YMO) and an Academy Award and Grammy Award winning artist. 

Sakamoto commented, “At first I was not sure what I could contribute to a song like this, but I moved my hands as I was led by the melody.” Indeed, in recent years it has been rare to see Sakamoto lend his piano talents on a house track, and this melancholic yet danceable piano-led house tune perfectly fuses the abstract dance-pop sensibilities of MONDO GROSSO with Sakamoto’s classical style in a way that will resonate with dance music fans. 

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Comment from Shinichi Osawa: 

To be honest, I didn’t expect him to play the melody I had composed. But now that it’s finished, it seems inevitable, and I’m surprised that it’s even his music. 

‘IN THIS WORLD feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto (Vocals: Hikari Mitsushima)’, a version of the track that features vocals by top Japanese actress Hikari Mitsushima, has previously been released. The track is a follow-up to MONDO GROSSO’s previous collaboration with Mitsushima on 2017’s ‘Labyrinth’, which has surpassed 32 million views on YouTube. 

‘IN THIS WORLD feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto (Vocals: Hikari Mitsushima)’ music video: 

‘Labyrinth (Vocals: Hikari Mitsushima)’ music video: 

MONDO GROSSO album ‘BIG WORLD’ out now 

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With Shinichi Osawa as the band leader and bassist, MONDO GROSSO made their major debut in 1993, and toured Europe as part of the global acid jazz movement. The band broke up in 1996, and Osawa adopted the name as his solo project. After that, he released hit albums such as ‘MG4’, which included ‘LIFE feat. bird’, and ‘NEXT WAVE’, which included ‘Everything Needs Love feat. BoA’, continually innovating until he put the project on pause in 2003. Thus in a sweeping comeback, in 2017, he released his first MONDO GROSSO album in 14 years, ‘Nando Demo Atarashiku Umareru’. The music video to ‘Labyrinth’ featured Japanese actress Hikari Mitsushima and has surpassed 32 million views to date on YouTube. The 2021 release of ‘MONDO GROSSO OFFICIAL BEST’ traced MONDO GROSSO’s trajectory over three decades. Resulting in recent mega true times it’s name album ‘BIG WORLD’ music high is packed with collaborations from top Japanese artists.
The track ‘IN THIS WORLD’ featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto and Hikari Mitsushima has been hotly received.