‘Just a Little’ is the latest offering from Jasmine Tea of the indie singer-songwriter genre. 

With a romantic mood to the track, it discusses the loss of a loved one. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars, organ, bass guitar, and drums. The overall tone of the song will capture the listener’s attention from the first note. 

Jasmine Tea recorded several versions which were a little slower and more acoustic, but finally settled on this version that uses an organ for the opening catchy riff along with an electric bass. The organ gives the song a romantic feel and wistful vibe. 

“‘Just a Little’ is about loss of a loved one.” Jasmine Tea 


Jasmine Tea originated in New Jersey, but has since traveled the East coast from Martha’s Vineyard to Florida. Their music touches many genres so they despise classifying themselves. Some of their songs are of the singer-songwriter variety with catchy melodies, while others lean on retro roots rock with bluesy guitar riffs.

They invite listeners on a musical excursion into the rhythm and rhyme of elegance. Noting, they are a song band, a quartet of one, honed to each other’s sonar in pursuit of a simple mission: make good songs. 

The band consists of Bob Stritch, Michael Strong, Rich DeClemente, and Bob Short, currently residing in Fort Myers Florida, Boca Raton Florida, and New Jersey. 

Thanks for listening and have a Jasmine Tea kinda day. 

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