JaySounds ‘I Know What You Came For’ ft. Bianca via Night Mode

JaySounds is coming back with a vengeance on sophomore single for Night Mode, “I Know What You Came For,” featuring frequent collaborator Bianca.

Believe it or not, it’s already been one full year (give or take a few days) since the Sydney sensation JaySounds came bearing gifts in the form of his lysergic-laced collab alongside fellow countryman Jacknife. The schedule 1 strain of face-melting low-end not only helped distract a stir-crazy population from going bonkers at the then-newly enacted lockdown orders, but it also served as a proper introduction to his soul-snatching take on house music. “Party Favour” was one of the earliest releases to surface on Night Mode just months after it booted up for its first time. After flooring the label with his debut record, it was only a matter of time before a follow-up would rear its head around for another glimpse at one of the most versatile names in the game. In comes his sophomore single, a solo outing earning the plurality placed on his pseudonym. Because one “sound” wouldn’t begin to cover what he’s capable of.

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“I Know What You Came For” builds from a cinematic core, with sustained chords holding their ground as her combustible crooning rides a melancholic groove that intensifies like a fire spreading in the wind. Once the hook hits, the whole affair becomes engulfed in roaring synth progressions raging their way through crisp percussive programming and torrential textures. It ignites a fire inside from the first beat and emerging from the ashes at the end of this enthralling house number is an unshakeable courage to take the world head on.

“I had a record that I felt fit for Night Mode, but I knew it needed some additional song writing to bring it to life. That’s where Bianca came in. The quality of her songwriting and vocal abilities are undeniably next-level.” 


“‘I Know What You Came For” is about someone who’s been held back and suppressed from doing what they want for so long that they just kind of explode. It shocks the people around them, but they have this new sense of freedom and power from showing who they really are. I feel like lots of people can relate to that satisfying feeling when you finally stand your ground on something that’s important to you. It makes you so much more confident about overcoming the next obstacle you might face.” –Bianca 

The chemistry between JaySounds and Bianca is palpable. They originally crossed paths while putting their heads together to write music for a number of pop artists, eventually landing them a placement in the blockbuster flick ‘Aquaman.” Soon realizing their rapport could play a larger purpose for their respective projects, they made it a point to keep the ideas flowing until their first proper single crystallized. “Control” was the start of something special, and they have followed up that effort in the finest of forms. 


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