JEEN Shares “Chemical Emotion” + New ‘Tracer’ LP

JEEN has entered the 2020s with boots firmly planted in the current musical landscape. JEEN (2020), Dog Bite (2021) and Tracer could be a trilogy of sorts. A strong reflective collection and a call on song to navigate these last couple of years.

Upon first listen, one quickly realizes Tracer is an immersive experience. A challenge or even a dare, to sit with and allow oneself to be taken in and even more so taken over.

The spangly “Chemical Emotion” starts us off, takes our hand and the carousel begins. Inspired by the Hunter S. Thompson quote “buy the ticket, take the ride,” JEEN explains that “it’s about letting yourself drift in the flow of everything and hanging on as hard as you can to what makes the shitty parts more tolerable.”

Watch the “Chemical Emotion” lyric video: